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Toners are semi permanent hair dyes that will change the tone of your hair for up to 20 washes. Here is an informative piece to give you some knowledge and tips on how to keep your tone lasting as long as possible.


There are two different hair dyes,

oxidative and direct.


Oxidative dyes will penetrate the inner layer of the hair and change the colour of the natural pigment


Direct dyes work like food colouring and will stain the outer layer of the hair

Any tone will last on your hair for up to 20 washes depending on the condition of your hair and the home care routine you follow
— Rob Czlapka - RCNQ

To help with the longevity of a toner, we recommend the following top 5 tips:


• Using a product like Bumble and Bumble Prep Spray to help even out porosity in the hair. This will help the toner wash out evenly and help eliminate any patches


• Try and leave your hair for 48 hours after it has been coloured. It takes time for the colour molecules to embed onto your hair. If you wash your hair before this time has passed, the tone won’t last as long


• Wash your hair with luke warm water in Hairstory’s ‘New Wash’. As a salon we don’t stock shampoos as these will remove tone a lot faster. Instead, we use New Wash which is an oil based cream that will cleanse and condition the hair at the same time. As it uses oils to cleanse the hair rather than detergents, this will be less abrasive on the hair causing the tone to last longer. Please note that sulphate free shampoos will still have a form of detergent inside them.


• Heat is the enemy. The sun is 5 times more damaging that what bleach is. Would you go out in the sun without protecting your skin? The same goes for your hair. UV/Heat Protectors are a must if you want to keep that toner lasting longer


• We also ask that you bear in mind that the condition of your hair will affect how long the tone lasts. If your hair is weakened, we advise adding pH Bonder to your colour. pH Bonder is a professional service we provide as a salon. It will ensure that the lightening process gives minimal damage to the hair and your hair with retain its condition (and if anything, be in better condition that before!)

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