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The Inoar Morroccan Keratin Treatment contains keratin, white clay and cacao oil. Its formula is rich in minerals repairs the damaged hair, restoring its natural beauty.

It promotes deep cleaning, clears the scalp pores and replenishes keratin, restoring strength and softness.
An original Moroccan formula held by Inoar, it treats damaged and brisk hair efficiently and with
long-lasting effects

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In addition to repairing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80% to 90%, on average. The product can be used on virgin hair or may be used over other relaxing or common straightening treatments, leaving hair looking straight and hydrated. This treatment allows you to wash the hair or tie it down on the same day of treatment.

Another main advantage is that once the professional applies the product, it only requires 20 minutes to treat the hair before using the flat iron and completing the treatment. With the use of sodium lauryl sulphate-free shampoo, treatment will last as long as 3-4 months. It is recommended only to use products that are designed for Post Keratin treatments and not just a cheap salt free shampoo for the chemists. Normal salt free shampoo contains sufficients that still strip the Keratin from your hair, why spend all that time and money putting Keratin in your hair to wash it out with cheap shampoo?

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Note: This product contains a maximum of 0.2% formaldehyde