As this is a fairly new service to the market, we have added a few of our frequently asked question regarding 'INOAR'. If you have any more questions just drop us a call on 0161 222 0200 and we'll be happy to help

Will 'INOAR' affect the condition of my hair?

The 'INOAR' system is a Keratin based product which will only promote amazing conditioned hair that is soft to the touch

Is 'INOAR' damaging to my hair? 

INOAR is perfect for the client who has unruly, thick, coarse hair which is affected by humidity. INOAR is a revolution that can only be described as condensation within the hair shaft. All the excess moisture (which creates frizz) is drawn out of the hair then the hair is locked down. Giving your hair the ultimate shine, condition and protection against humidity

How long will 'INOAR' last?

We usually advise upto 3 months. This can be prolonged by using Suphate-Free shampoos and conditioners which can be purchased within the salon. Without using these shampoos we are unable to determine the longevity of the service

How long will i need to be in the salon for?

This depends on the length and thickness of the hair. Usually keep around 2 hours free but it could take more or less time depending on those factors

What if i am unhappy with the results?

At RCNQ, We only want you to look and feel your best. If we think you'll benefit by cheaper services within the salon rather than the 'INOAR' service we will let you know and advise accordingly. We won't 'sell' you a product we don't have 100% faith in

Will the Chlorine in the pool or salt in the sea affect my service?

Unfortunately yes, We strongly advise to keep your head above the water during aftercare as it will reverse the process of 'INOAR'

Will 'INOAR' affect my hair colour?

It is possible. In our experience, the darker the colour, the safer the staying power. It will not change the colour of your hair but the condensation process may promote colour fade. Talk to any of our stylists for more information regarding this as it is different for every client.