Hair Salon based in Manchester's Northern Quarter

RCNQ (Robert Czlapka Northern Quarter) Is a Manchester based hairdressers. We have created a hair salon that brings a relaxing, comforting vibe where anyone is welcome.

The IT List

Receive 20% OFF your service

The IT List is a "last minute lottery" for appointments. By providing your e-mail you will be entered into our lottery database to be in with the chance of receiving 20% off

We've found that we have a niche of clients who are available around the clock but have given most of their available income to Manchester's expensive city centre living. Does this sound like you? Well the IT LIST might be the answer! 

"How does it work?"

We send out an email for any available appointments within the following 24 hour period. If you're available, you email back with what you'd like doing (remembering the shorter the appointment time, the more likely you are to win) and we'll let you know if you've been successful (first come, first served)

We are only keeping registration open throughout September

Then if you don't hear anything from us by an hour before the appointment time, the appointment is automatically confirmed and you will receive 20% OFF your service. 


"What's the catch?"

Well a few rules apply and they are as follows:

  • Full paying clients are our priority prior to your visit
  • Not valid on Saturdays
  • Shorter appointment times have more chance of winning
  • If you don't turn up for your appointment you may be blacklisted from the IT list
  • If you cancel the appointment you will be placed back into the abyss

We are only keeping registration open throughout September 17 so enter our database below and be on the way to winning 20% OFF ALL SERVICES. You never know, you could be the next chosen one


Love RCNQ 

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